Concrete Scriptures

by Emcee Graffiti

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released July 7, 2007



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Emcee Graffiti Albany, New York

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Track Name: Gzus Tafari
I just want you to close your eyes and let this beat sink into your mind... I want you to feel it. Use your imagination and step into my world. Think what I think, feel what I feel, see what I see. It'll be hard for alot of you to understand, but if you just open up your mind... You'll at least feel a glimpse of how I feel every day of my life...

Born in '87 with the world against me /
Already seen as guilty, and I ain't even step, b //
No help see, no body cared if I was dead, please /
My Brother, mother, and father yo that all I had, G //
Imagine knowin' ya mother had only hours to live /
And ya brother struggles with his wife and 3 kids //
You see a friend throw life away his for some bi*** /
Ya pops is losin' his mind, we cried, then he got bent //
It's not meant, for life to be like this /
To the streets I receed to paint God's prints //
F*** a god, it's not hard to see it's all a lie /
That some ethereal being has ever helped me survive //
It's just I, in hard streets never given a break /
Liftin' the weight of society, you cannot relate //
Sorry 'Clef, two wrongs have made my life possible /
Take my boo in my arms, and break any obstacle //

A deafening roar of thunder blesses my slumber /
Forever I wonder if life will ever show me some comfort //
Here I lay, it's J bleeding with a pen in my hand /
thinking of childish actions that have made me a man //
Give me a chance! I'm steppin out the dark clouded lands /
From my mind, it's a desert with no steps in the sand //
Here I am, in this depression struggling to withstand /
Every blow delt to me by the evils of Man //
Alone in this corner in coma, I beg for releife /
Just a second of living knowing that hope is in reach //
Tears are peaked at this pinnacle, wishing for sleep /
But dreams keep me awake I'm always screaming for peace //
So I reach, for the nearest thing to help ease the pain /
But nothing can help me I stay forever the same //
Saddness reigns in this brain, it shows in my art /
With a heart that beats nothing, it's cold and it's dark //

It's amazing I'm chasing a dream that my team has never seen /
I pray for the cream, a fiend, for my people, so it seems //
My eyes are alive, it's time, now I gotta make that deal /
You don't know about me, where's Howie, TV time, this here's fo'real //
I no longer fear rejection, for depression's ever present /
Over the years I've lessened every breath to rest from stressin' //
Covered in tears I'm lettin everybody see my pain /
Simple and Clean my hearts a Kingdom, yo this ain't a game //
Pause while I reign this plain of existance without shame /
A star without flame, my name's ever missing from the fame //
Screamin' in pain my brain's slowly boiling to insane /
It seems without strain, my life can never go straight again //
I'm calling to skies, un-answered, faster I will face demise /
Sick of the lies, I cry, never understanding why //
I go through the struggle just to always face more trouble /
Baby I love you but can you really save me from this muzzle //